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The Susanna DeLaurentis Charitable Foundation honors the memory and spirit of Susanna DeLaurentis, a ten year old who died from complications of neuroblastoma, an aggressive, treatment-resistant cancer of the nervous system.

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Memorial Scholarship

The scholarships are awarded annualy to college-bound high school seniors who contend with a chronic disease or other serious challenge to physical or mental health.

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The Susanna DeLaurentis Charitable Foundation Memorial Scholarships


The Susanna DeLaurentis Memorial Scholarships are awarded each year to college-bound high school seniors with superior academic and extracurricular achievements who contend with a chronic disease or other serious challenge to physical or mental health. Honorees are selected by an independent committee of evaluators, and are announced in May, allowing time for presentation at awards ceremonies if appropriate.


The scholarship is a $1,000 award, paid directly to the honoree’s institution of higher learning.


Applications must be received by the third Friday in April. Awards will be announced during the first week of May. An application form accompanies this notice. Applicants must submit a brief statement of their health condition, how they have managed to excel notwithstanding the condition, and their plans for advanced education after high school. As much information as possible about the applicant’s academic standing and achievements—including GPA, standardized test scores, and class standing—and about the applicant’s participation in extracurricular or community activities should be submitted with the applicant’s statement, along with at least one letter of recommendation from a member of the faculty or administration familiar with the applicant and his or her condition. Email submission is preferred; send to Mailed submissions should be sent to SDCF, 7616 Mountain Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19027. Applications should include all information, formatted as provided in the instructions.

The Scholarship Program

The Susanna DeLaurentis Memorial Scholarships are awarded in memory of Susanna DeLaurentis, who died of cancer at age 10 after spending half her life in cutting-edge experimental treatments. Though she missed one entire academic year and large chunks of her other three school years, she kept pace with her classmates by working diligently with tutors while recovering from her treatments. Her spunk, generosity, selfless compassion for the needs of others notwithstanding her own dire condition, and her constant good cheer inspired her former teachers to establish a research and scholarship fund in honor of her courage, compassion, and commitment to learning. Scholarships are awarded to candidates who best exemplify Susanna’s ironclad determination and quiet, upbeat fortitude in the face of extraordinary challenges.


This award is meant to call attention to high academic achievement and extracurricular and community involvement through persistence, courage, and determination while coping with a life threatening or chronic physical or mental condition, including ongoing testing and recovery from treatments. The severity and length of history of a condition are factors entering into the evaluation of a candidate’s academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Because of the nature of their impediments, some candidates compile resumes of the highest caliber, applying any standard. Others, however, may have conditions that impair cognitive function or entail long absences and necessarily impact academic and extracurricular performance. Evaluations of candidates in this category are helped tremendously by detailed personal statements of the candidates and insightful recommendations of teachers and support staff. The selection committee makes every effort to weigh accomplishments against impediments in reaching its decisions.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. The official registration and financial information of the Susanna DeLaurentis Charitable Foundation may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling 1(800)732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.